CBS Property Ltd.

CBS Property is an outstanding actor on the Hungarian real estate market due to the 10,000,000 m2 land that the company owns. CBS is also renowned for its activities as real estate owner as well as developer.

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Gróf Buttler Winery Ltd., Eger

The Gróf Buttler Winery grows wine on 34 hectares of land in two excellent vineyards of the Eger wine region, on Szarkás hill and on the iconic Nagy-Eged hill that is a true Grand Cru terroir. In the imposing cellar at Nagykőporos út (Eger), they produce 80000-100000 bottles of premium and super-premium wines by a gentle gravity focused processing technology. In the centre of the Winery’s oenological philosophy is creating authentic hand crafted wines that can express the characteristics of the terroir while keeping the pure and natural essence of the grapes. The most important and recognized wines are the Egri Bikavér from Nagy-Eged, the Phantom, the Syrah Trilogy the Viognier and the Chardonnay.

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Gábor Kovács Collection

The collection encompassing around 360 artistic items presents viewers with perfect masterpieces of Hungarian art between the early 1700s and mid 20th century. Artists represented on multiple bases in the collection: Jakab Bogdány, Károly Markó sen., Mihály Munkácsy, László Paál, József Rippl Rónai, János Vaszary, Béla Kádár, Menyhért Tóth and Zsuzsa Péreli.

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